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The korean pop music has spread throughout Asia, and PH is one of those countries na sobrang nahumaling talaga. Right? Not only boybands and girlbands, even kdramas managed to win our hearts.

If you have been a fan for quite some time, you’re probably too sick with reading subtitles and waiting for subbed updates, and also got a bit of headaches by being torn whether you’d focus on the faces of your idols/stars or; like I’ve said, reading the freakin’ english subs. That’s a no no no.

If you’re thinking of learning hangeul, you’ve come to the right place bessy. Disclaimer lang: I’m not that great yet, in fact beginner palang po ako but I’m 100% sure na if you study everyday or kahit every other day, you’ll improve, you’ll see progress!

TIPS from meh:

  1. Study the korean alphabet first. Ateng mahihirapan ka ng super pag inintindi mo agad kung paano magthankyou or sorry and the likes. Well, I’m not saying na it’s not important to be acquainted with the basic expressions but may mga bagay na dapat mong unahin. For example, pag first time mo palang ba sa gym, papabuhatin ka ba agad ng instructor mo ng 10lbs? of course hindi.

“So pano ko pag-aaralan yang alphabet?” Go to . You may not find that video easily so here’s the youtube link: Just go and check for the part two there. Watch the video for like three times and you’d find yourself writing them in your notebook when you’re at school just to check if you can still remember them. That’s what happened to me. Oh by the way Talktomeinkorean also has a youtube channel (well medyo obvious na naman, I don’t even know kung bakit ko pa sinasabi). Another good youtube channel for korean beginner learners is Learn Korean with

2. Take free online lessons from They have a sort of curriculum there ( which is composed of 9 levels with each level containing around 20 lessons. Fun fact: Level 2 palang ako! hahaha. Anyways, bawat lesson may PDF and a Soundcloud (which Sunwoo Hyun calls Podcast or something lol I dont even know what podcast is). My technique is I would read and study the pdf first before listening to the soundcloud. And while I’m listening to the soundcloud, I had the PDF file opened just to be uhm a guide.

3. Turn off your phone or just put it away from you. The thing is, nakakatempt icheck kung may notification ka sa facebook or kahit anong social networing site pa yan na kinaadikan mo. So yea ilayo mo muna sayo ang iyong phone. You’ll probably thank me for this since kahinaan ko rin ang aking phone and lagi akong nadidistract and yea it kinda worked for me.

4. As much as possible, do it everyday. Don’t be lazy be. I have watched this person on youtube and she claims that she learned hangeul for only 5 months. Five freakin months. Damn right?, You can do up to 4 lessons a day you know given na wala kang pasok haha. Pero kung may pasok pwede na kahit 1 lesson a day (parang pag-inom lang na gamot inumin mo yang paracetamol 3 times a day!) 

5. Buy yourself an English-Korean Dictionary. Hindi lahat ng bagay ay free. Talktomeinkorean already offers their lessons for free, laking tipid na non! I don’t think it’ll cost you more than 1k para lang sa dictionary. Invest invest din pag may time.

6. Get more addicted. This one won’t be that hard. You’re probably already watching a lot of korean dramas or if you’re not, maybe Exo’s, Blackpink’s interviews and such. The thing is, as you get more uhm familiar with how the native speakers talk (their accent), the more it’ll help you with your learning-a-new-language journey.

7. Download Korean Fun Easy Learn. It’s an app where you can learn a bunch of korean words, in short it’ll help your vocabulary. The downside is the number of words that you can learn is limited, if you want to have full access, I think you’ll have to pay.

8. Motivate yourself. This thing ain’t easy. You might think “ano ba yan! mas madali pa magtagalog e!”  Malamang pinanganak tayong pinoy and dito tayo lumaki so natural lang na magaling tayo magtagalog. The same goes with koreans and all other humans around the world, they’re good with their language ‘cuz they’ve been exposed to it since birth. So wag kang mawalan ng pag-asa. Nag-ststruggle din kaya ako. Pag di mo magets kasalanan mo na yon, joke! pag di mo magets replay the soundcloud. Oh and another thing, read the comments. It’ll be very helpful.

9. Use colored pens. Do take down notes! For example, use a pink pen when you’re writing the title of the lesson. This is not for pacute purposes! Imagine if you’re gonna write in hangeul (na obviously di pa magiging ganon kagandahan since we are still beginners), isama mo pa yung mga examples, syempre babagyuhin talaga yung notes mo so use different colored pens para mas madali mong makita yung nakaligtaan mo na ganito na ganyan kemerut.


Yun lang muna, update ko nalang pag may naisip pa ko. Annyeong for now. (balak ko sana magpakita ng aking hangeul skills kaso mahihirapan lamang ako so next time nalng hahahahah)

ps di po ito edited, wag niyo po ako ijudge kung may grammar lapses blah blah